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See why school directors, parents, and most importantly–
kids–choose Gym On Wheels!

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Gym on Wheels has been a part of our Specials program for several years, and we are very pleased with our experience. Their team provides a high-quality movement program for our students, ages 2-5; the instructors are knowledgeable about child development, and provide gross motor experiences that are both engaging and age appropriate. They focus on large group as well as individualized exercises, build on prior skills, and foster social-emotional development as well as physical development. Our instructor, Katerina, is extremely warm and energetic with all of our groups. The children love the program, and are always excited when they realize it is a “Gym on Wheels” day!

Gym On Wheels was a blast for all the children and teachers as well. Morah Mary was beyond kind and patient as she introduced the obstacle course of the day. The children used airplane arms and steady legs as they walked across a low balance beam and jumped onto a mat. Though Gym On Wheels is new to some of our Kehillah friends they still amazed us all with their skills. We simply can't wait to see what's in store for us next week!

The kids had such a blast with Gym On Wheels and we all enjoyed the class. Yes, it is something we would like
to do maybe 2 times a year seasonally but it would have to be next year. Thanks SO much for your class,
you did a wonderful job, and we can talk soon! 

Working with Mary has been great. Our children really enjoy their time with her and she is patient, understanding and flexible. We look forward to seeing her again!

Thank you so much for offering a soccer program to the 4’s class at our daughter's school. She absolutely loves the class and is teaching us so many of the skills she learned. We feel the class is so helpful in improving her overall agility and strength.
We have noted such a difference at home.

Gym On Wheels began at Scarborough Presbyterian Children’s Center seventeen years ago. As a teacher and the Director, I have worked closely with Tom and now, Amie, and have found them to be very nurturing, humorous and compassionate with the children. They listen to them, giving them their undivided attention, thus supporting their development and self esteem. They plan a fun and energetic experience for the children and the children love it - and they love their instructors!