We offer age appropriate gymnastics, soccer and t-ball classes for toddlers, preschool/pre-K and 6 to 9-year-olds. For over 20 years we’ve provided quality programs for 10’s of thousands of children in the tristate area in schools and day care centers just like yours.

Our Programs

Gym On Wheels offers a variety of unique programs that includes gymnastics, soccer and T-ball for children as young as 14 months, through 6 years and up!

Gymnastics / Fitness 

Ages 14 months to 9 years 

Classes include aerobics, music, stretching, games, gymnastic skills, and more!

A multifaceted introduction to gymnastics and all around physical fitness.
Each class is structured and includes stretching
exercises, aerobics to music, gymnastic skills, games, and more!

We set up mats right inside the classroom, and cover basic gymnastic skills using mailboxes, wedges, balance beams, high bars, springboards, and more. Our games and equipment help develop hand/foot eye coordination, as well as enhance and maintain gross motor skills. These are all crucial skills to improve at an early age. Physical therapists have recommended our classes for the children they work with. Parents as well as teachers have noted the difference our program makes in their development

Soccer Skills

Ages 3 to 12 years

Classes include basic soccer skills such as dribbling,
kicking, passing, trapping and goal keeping.

Our age appropriate soccer classes stress team work and
character building, with our company trained instructors.

Soccer the Gym On Wheels way will get your child started on the road to
being a better soccer player through our fun and confidence building classes.

T Ball

Ages 3 to 12 years

The Gym On Wheels Tee Ball program introduces
children to the basic fundamentals of baseball.

Children will learn fielding, throwing, catching, base running and
hitting in a noncompetitive, fun and nurturing environment

Benefits to Centers and Schools  

For over two decades, Gym On Wheels has provided quality gymnastics and physical skills programs featuring recreational gymnastics, aerobic exercise, group games, music and song, in a fun, motivating and nurturing atmosphere to tens of thousands toddler, preschool and pre-K children in New York and Connecticut, in centers just like yours.

We Bring the Gym to You
Gym On Wheels classes are conducted in your facility. We can set up practically anywhere! All we need is an open space of 320 square feet (16X20) to give your children a structured gym class with a focus on physical, social and intellectual development.

Added Value

The Gym On Wheels curriculum adds significant value to your existing program, provides an additional selling feature to prospective customers, and generally offers a much needed and well appreciated break to staff while our classes are in session.

We  are Flexible

We can customize our program to your center’s needs, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or summer classes.

We Do All the Paperwork

Gym On Wheels takes care of all marketing material, i.e., sign up flyers and posters. We provide you with updated class lists during each session and we process all payments.

Benefits to Parents

More Affordable

Gym On Wheels classes are much more affordable when comparing the cost of classes to those held at children’s gyms in in their area. Something a working parent can appreciate.

More Convenient

Our classes are conducted at your child’s center while you are at work. No need for evening or weekend trips to the local children’s gym.

Familiar Surroundings

Since the classes are held in your child’s center with one of their teachers present, they will feel more at ease and secure.

Great Instructors

All our classes are conducted in a motivating, self-esteem building, fun, and nurturing atmosphere by a CPR and safety certified instructor.