Inspiring each child through physical activity so that they grow up to lead a happy, fulfilling life. We instill healthy values at a young age through learning in a positive, nurturing, and fun atmosphere. Building the foundation for healthy habits that last a lifetime.


Founder, Tom Zino

I founded Gym On Wheels in Westchester County, New York in 2002. I had ten years of experience in the children’s fitness industry and a desire to bring a quality gymnastics and physical skills program to young children attending local daycare centers, preschools, church programs, Montessori Schools, J.C.C. programs, after school centers, synagogue programs, and summer camps. I created a program that combines music, aerobics, gymnastics and creative games that enhance gross and fine motor skills in structured classes that children love. The company’s growth was fueled by my love for teaching gymnastics and physical skills programs and children’s natural hunger for exercise. The next 12 years saw continuous growth as I added soccer, tee ball and a staff of instructors with the same core values and approach to teaching children these skills. As word continued to spread about this new and unique approach, Gym On Wheels continued to grow. Today, together with my incredible staff of instructors, I believe we have redefined what it means to bring a quality gymnastics, exercise and physical skills program to children. As of this writing, tens of thousands of children from an ever-growing list of centers, have been a part of the Gym On Wheels experience. We welcome you to join us.


Gym On Wheels has been offered at over 100 daycare centers and schools within the Tri-State area.

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