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We offer a variety of unique programs for children as young as 14 months through 6 years and up! For over 20 years we’ve provided quality programs for tens of thousands of children in the Tri-State area in schools and child care centers just like yours.

More Affordable

Gym On Wheels classes are much more affordable when comparing the cost of classes to those held at children’s gyms in in their area. Something a working parent can appreciate.

More Convenient

Our classes are conducted at your child’s center while you are at work. No need for evening or weekend trips to the local children’s gym.

Familiar Surroundings

Since the classes are held in your child’s center with one of his teachers present, they will feel more at ease and secure.

Great Instructors

All our classes are conducted in a motivating, self-esteem building, fun, and nurturing atmosphere by a CPR/Safety and certified instructors.