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Testimonials from Parents

Thanks for Gym On Wheels at Bright Horizons! My kids have been participating in this enrichment program for years and just love it. There is something very special about what the instructors do and the way they do it – my kids talk about Gym On Wheels all the time at home. Their low-key, high energy and kid-friendly sense of humor is a delight for them and for us as parents too!

Robin Cautin, Ph.D., Benny and Maddie’s mom

My kids love Gym On Wheels classes because they’re fun filled and action packed and taught by genuine, caring, involved instructors. I enroll my kids session after session because I love that they are learning physical, s social and cognitive skills in an engaged atmosphere that fosters their confidence as well as their growth and development. In my opinion, Gym On Wheels is a perfect complement to the Bright Horizons at Eastridge curriculum. Thank you Gym On Wheels!

Jen Novak, parent of Mia and Sascha

Gym On Wheels has been a terrific addition to each of my children’s daycare experience. The program has a lot to offer toddlers and preschoolers. Gym On Wheels builds confidence and helps develop coordination and love of movement. My kids cannot wait to show me the moves they’ve learned when we get home at the end of the day! I highly recommend this program.

Diane Oucherioney, parent

We wanted to thank you for the great program “Gym On Wheels” offers. Our daughter, Delaney, loves the program and looks forward to it each week. We have tried other programs and have not found them to be the best fit for our child. As working parents, it is often difficult to find safe and structured programs that our child really enjoys. Gym On Wheels is a wonderful program offering fun and fitness for Delaney. Miss Diana is great with the kids. We look forward to hearing about the activities after each class, it’s always the first thing Delaney talks about when we pick her up from daycare on “gym” day. Thanks again for offering this fantastic program.

Bill and Tara Stachacz

My son (2.5 years old) LOVES Gym On Wheels! H eloves to walk on the curb and pretend it’s a Balance Beam like with Amie! His favorite is saying “TA DAH!” after he successfully completes and athletic move. And every Monday, he looks forward to earning his stamp for being a good listener and gymnast. Gym ON Wheels offers much more than just a chance for my son to do a somersault… and the best part is that he doesn’t even know the importance of the skills he is learning… to him, it’s just a great time! Thank you Gym On Wheels.

Margie Ostrove, Senior Vice President, BB&T Capital Markets – and mom!

I am writing to thank Gym On Wheels for a wonderful experience for my daughter. As a working parent, the ability to have my daughter participate in a gym/gymnastics program during the week at school served as a valuable enrichment for her. In aditiion, it was a time saver and allowed us to free up family time on the evenings and weekends. She was was new to her pre-k class at Kehillah School in the fall, and the ability to have something extra special for her to do each week and look forward to made her transition a smooth one. The enthusiasm and caring staff for the program held her interest throughout the entire school year. Gym On Wheels day was always a day that she reflected on as a great day! At each renewal period, my daughter always asked me to sign her up again! It is important for kids to work on their motor skills, listening skills and sportsmanship. In addition, the ability to work in fitness into our daily routines is key to a healthy lifestyle. The program teaches the kids a love for fitness and movement so that good habits are formed at an early age. Further, this program provides it all in a convenient location (the child’s own school!). You foster a happy program and environment! Thank you for your efforts and philosophies and developing a great program for working parents!

Andrea Theresa LaScarla, Esq., David B. Petshaft, P.C.

My duagher has been doing Gym ON Wheels gymnastic classes for 9 months and loves it! She wakes up every day and asks if today is Gym On Wheels. When I tell her yes, she lights up and says “yeah!.” She absolutely loves it and it is the highlight of her week. She comes home and tells me all about it. Thank you so much for the wonderful program. We hope to continue this for years!

Tiffany Mercer, Recruiter/Consulting Experience Hire Recruiting, Deloitte Services, LLP

Gym On Wheels is an exciting on-site gymnastics program for the Toddler and Pre-K population. Tom Zino takes incredible pride in this offering and engages the children to such a point that they wait for him in anticipation each week. He knows each child by name and fosters a relationship with each and every one of them. Not only do the children have frun, but there is an integration of physical skills acquisiiton into each session. The children come away with a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-esteem at being able to master these skills. Gym On Wheels is unequalled due to Tom Zino’s progessionalism and dedication to each child. If you are considering a gymnastics program, give your child the gift of Gym On Wheels. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Cynthia Bambace, Rye Brook, NY

I have a very healthy, active 4 year old son who loves to run and play like most boys his age. A friend of mine, who also has 3 your boys, had recommended an exercise program for toddlers and preschoolers that emphasizes balance and physical exercise. I was going to look into this program to supplement my son’s weekday activities as well as help him “burn off” some energy. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look for a comparable program because Gym On Wheels was offered at my son’s daycare center. This program has greatly increased my son’s sense of balance, as well as developed skills such as hoppinig, skipping and jumping. He also looks forward to attending class, which is the best indicator that the program resonates with children. I am not worried about advancing a future gymnast, but at the same time. I do believe in the importance of physical exercise and am glad to know that at least once a week, he is enrolled in aprogram that will enhance his motor skills and overall coordination. We sincerely love the Gym On Wheels program.

Michael and Elizabeth Gonzalez

Just wanted to let you knjow that Cypress will be signing up for another session of Gym On Wheels. She really likes the class and doesn’t let me wash off the stamp on her hand each week.

Nicholas Malino, dad, Tango Research LLC, NY, NY